1 on 1 Video Chat Lesson !

1 on 1 Video Chat Lesson
We provide 1 on 1 video chat lesson, so that you can get effective lesson and ask questions whenever you want.

Original contents for online
WORDCREWS has create the courses specifically for online class to make sure it is more effective.

Flexible lesson time

You can take lesson when you get break or even early morning and night time.
Booking 20 hours in advance
Lesson starting from 25 mins
Available between 7am to 9pm

Checkpoint test to make sure each level !

・Manage the progress of the lessons by checkpoint test
・Cannot go to the next step without passing the tests
・Available to take the test as many times as you want
  ※Need to complete the required lessons to take   each test.

Test information
・Questions are chosen randomly from the    
 phrases and vocabularies you learnt
・Require 70% or higher to pass

Ask any question by chat !

We create group chat on Facebook messenger for easier and faster communication. You can send your questions, and the available teacher will reply to you !

Substantial materials for sub study !

● Vocabulary list for each day with audio

● Practice list of sentences for each day with audio

Get lessons everyday with only 45 USD / Month !